Pet Policy

Top Pet Policy in Trucking

Drive with your best friend

Being on the road can get lonely. With a pet, you’ll always have a friend by your side. OTR and regional drivers can have pets on board. Don’t pay hundreds to have your pets with you. Bring them for free!

•No deposit or fees
•No size or weight limit
•No breed restrictions
•Two pets at any time

Good for You & Your Pet

Truck Drivers Benefit from Pets

Your happiness is the biggest reason to bring pets along. Pets make your truck feel more like home and help you feel less alone. Enjoy the drive with your best friend at your side.

Lower Stress

Being around animals benefits your health. Researchers have linked pets to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and cortisol levels. Having a pet around can reduce loneliness, anxiety, and stress.

Get More Exercise

Your pet needs to get out and play. Pets encourage you to exercise and meet new people. Everyone loves a cute animal! When you drive with a pet, they will be a conversation starter at every truck stop.

Feel Safer

Many people note being more conscientious drivers when they have a pet with them. Attentive driving protects you, your pet, and other motorists. Pets like dogs also help you feel safer when stopping or parking for the night.

Safety qualifier

We are a pet-friendly trucking company. However, any distractions, including pets in the truck, may jeopardize safety and disqualify drivers. Please drive responsibly. Drivers will be held accountable for accidents or injuries caused by traveling with pets.

Apply to Drive

Bring a pet with you. Apply online or call a recruiter today.