Independent Contractors

Advance Your Professional Driving Career

Be An Independent Contractor

Wilson Logistics helps you succeed as an independent contractor. We teach you how to view settlements and build your business so you have the tools to do well. From the first time you call us to when you’re ready to grow, your Wilson family is here for you.

Potential Earnings

How Much Can You Make as an Independent Contractor?

Wilson independent contractors earn 70% of each load and 100% of the fuel surcharge. We pass along all program discounts.

$10,000 Longevity Incentive

Maintenance & Fuel Discounts

Friendly Pet & Rider Policy

Why Drive with Us? Hear It from Our Drivers

Explore Leasing Opportunities

Make Leasing Work For You

Our unique, mileage-based lease program lets you decide how quickly you complete your lease. You have the chance to walk away at any time or stick with it and earn a lease completion incentive.

You can also have a lease payment forgiven one time per year.

No-Pressure Commitment

We don’t ask for deposits or credit checks. You can walk away at any time with no extra charges.

Equipment Warranty

The extended warranty coverage exceeds your lease completion mileage.

Flexible Lease Length

Our 395,000-odometer-mile lease lets you choose how fast you complete your lease.

Lease Completion Incentive

Get paid for finishing your lease. You can earn approximately $14,000 to $30,000 in lease completion incentives.

Available Equipment

Check out our equipment

Proudly drive equipment you love and keep maintenance costs down. We bring in new equipment monthly to keep our inventory young.

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