Company History

Our story starts with One truck

When Darrel Wilson bought a truck in 1980, his goal was to become an over-the-road driver. The only problem? He was 20 years old at the time—one year younger than required for Missouri CDL holders. He pivoted. Darrel put aside his dreams of becoming a driver, bought more trucks, hired drivers, and founded Wil-Trans.

What started as an aspiration for one became the livelihood of many. Darrel’s three-truck business grew into hundreds of trucks, hauling for customers across the country. Wilson Logistics helps drivers build their careers, empowering them to succeed while supporting them like family.

Wil-Trans Logo


A Passion For Trucking

Inspired by his father’s career in trucking, Darrel Wilson buys his first truck at the age of 20 and hires someone to drive it.


Wil-Trans is founded. The company partners with Prime Inc. and the Advance Fleet to offer 100% power only trucks.


Darrel buys his father’s trucking company.


The company pulls back during The Great Recession, sharing a terminal with another company.


Wilson Logistics launches a training program to help new drivers obtain CDLs.


Wilson Logistics expands. The company acquires Jim Palmer Trucking in Missoula, MT, the first of several Pacific Northwest acquisitions.


Wilson Logistics purchases O&S Trucking in Springfield, MO. The company says goodbye to its "roommate" and moves into the O&S Springfield terminal.


The company acquires RJ's Transportation in Missoula, MT, opening the door for truck brokerage in the West. Later that year, Wilson Logistics purchases Haney Truck Line, a company with trucks throughout the West and Pacific Northwest.


The company continues to grow with the acquisition of Market Transport in Portland, OR.


Ashley Distribution purchases the Western assets of Wilson Logistics. The company returns to its hometown roots and focuses on Midwest opportunities.


Wilson Logistics continues to evolve and consider new technologies.

Wilson Logistics Takes Flight

The Tale of the Weagle

"Before the Wilson eagle was our logo, an early version of our "Weagle" soared alongside racehorses. One of Darrel Wilson's oldest friends, Bobby Whitener, created the first version of the "Flying W" in the 1970s. He used the original iteration on his racehorses and trucks for decades. In 2017, we modified the design and made it our official logo.

Our Weagle represents the friendship it came from and the freedom of the road, but it also symbolizes our company's resilience. Our Weagle and the majestic eagle have many similarities.

The eagle is fearless. It faces problems head-on, often using turbulence to ascend to greater heights. At Wilson Logistics, we have always achieved more and flown higher in the face of adversity because we know it makes us stronger in the end. We prefer to wait for the right opportunity to strike and recognize when it's time to prune our feathers.

Eagles undergo metamorphoses to ensure their survival. They knock off their own beaks and pluck out their own feathers to grow those parts of themselves back even stronger. We, like the eagle, know how to assess our weaknesses and adapt for a better future.

Our Weagle possesses one key difference from the eagle. The eagle flies alone. Weagles flock together. There is strength in numbers and in leaning on each other's talents to lift us all up. The people we add to our collective flock strengthen us and help us thrive in every new era."

— Darrel Wilson, Founder & CEO

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