Driver Trainers

Increase Your Income

Shape Future Drivers & Up Your Earnings

Teach and inspire the next generation of professional drivers. Share your experience and earn rewards when your trainees succeed. Work with permit holders as they prep for the Class A CDL test or team drive with apprentices.

•Double—or even triple—your income.
•Feel proud when your apprentices succeed.
•Challenge yourself with a new role.

How to Become a Driver Trainer

Start Earning More

Talk to our team if you want to become a CDL instructor or trainer. Experienced drivers with no recent violations can work with new drivers in our CDL training program.

CDL Instructor

Train permit drivers before they earn their Class A CDLs.

Driver Trainer

Team drive with a new CDL holder.

Do Both!

Take apprentices through the entire CDL training program.

CDL Instructor Pay

Bring home more for your family

Get closer to your financial goals. You can double or triple your income as a CDL instructor or trainer. Who wouldn’t want that?

As a driver trainer, you’ll get rewards as you run team and help trainees make it to their first dispatch. It pays to make a difference in someone’s life.

You can earn $75,000 - $160,000 per year.

You can earn $75,000 to $160,000 per year.

Driver Apprentice Program

Your Role in the CDL Training Process

Step 1 | Onboarding - 1 week

Certified CDL instructors help apprentices practice basic maneuvers.

Step 2 | CLP Training - 2-3 weeks

Certified instructors take apprentices out on the road for a few weeks.

Step 3 | Apprentices Take the CDL Exam

Instructors and their apprentices return to our terminal. Apprentices take the Class A CDL exam.

Step 4 | Team Drive - 6-8 weeks

Trainers and apprentices pair up to team drive.

Apply to Drive

Earn more when you become a CDL instructor. Apply today to join our family.