Company Drivers

Put Your Life in Drive

Should You Become A Company Driver?

Start your well-paying career as a company driver! You don’t have to book loads yourself or be financially responsible for your equipment. Earn a living for your family and change your life. Apply and drive or start CDL training.

1. Job Security

You're in demand. We need more professional drivers in the industry!

2. Route Options

Company drivers can take local, regional, or OTR truck driving jobs.

3. Driven Purpose

Make a fantastic living. Get the things you want and need.

Company Driver Benefits

What Will You Take Home?

How much do company drivers make? That’s up to you! Mileage-based company drivers can receive a $10,000 longevity incentive at 60 months. You can also refer friends to get extra cash.

With your pay and incentives, you’ll be on track for that family SUV or new home mortgage. Make good money and build your future at Wilson Logistics.

You can earn $55,000 to $100,000 per year.

$10,000 Longevity Incentive

Dedication matters. Mileage-based company drivers get $10,000 after 60 months of uninterrupted service and every 60 months after.

Friendly Pet Policy

Company OTR and regional drivers can travel with up to two pets at any time. Our pet policy does not require fees or deposits for having a pet on board.

Medical & 401(k)

Company drivers have medical, dental, and vision benefits, plus a telemedicine service. Our 401(k) plan helps you prepare for the future.

Rider Policy

Bring a friend or family member along for the ride. You must obtain a passenger authorization form per Department of Transportation regulations. You can have no more than one passenger at a time and no passengers under the age of 10.

Advantages of Team Trucking

Team Drivers Run More Miles

Teams keep freight moving by taking turns behind the wheel. When solo drivers must stop and rest, company teams can switch drivers and keep going. When you drive as a team, someone always has your back.

Explore Our Truck Options

Drive The Latest Equipment

Be proud of what you drive. Company truck drivers get new and updated equipment. New models come in monthly, outfitted with comfortable features you’ll love and safety technology to help you on the road.

Driver Apprentices

Start Our CDL Training Program

New drivers benefit from our small class sizes and safety-focused CDL training program. You’ll work with a professional trainer and practice for the Class A CDL exam. Then, you’ll partner with a trainer and drive team. New drivers are encouraged to apply for our apprentice program.

Become a Company Driver

There’s a Spot for You in Our Fleet. We welcome new and experienced drivers. Apply online to get started.