| May 16, 2023

Truck Driving Simulators Enhance CDL Training at Wilson

If you’re ready to begin an exciting career in the trucking industry, you must first obtain a commercial driver’s license.

To help you out, Wilson Logistics offers a paid CDL training program that lets you earn money while learning the skills you need to pass your exam. You’ll participate in real-world driving with an experienced instructor, along with classroom lessons to help you learn the rules of the road.

Our training program includes L3 simulators that let you safely practice in a realistic environment. Simulators are a great learning tool for beginners and even for experienced drivers needing to update their skillset. 

Thanks to the magic of technology, the L3 simulators we use enable us to meet all of the training requirements for current drivers including safety and productivity needs. Customizable configurations let us adapt the training experience for all skill levels from basic to complex. 

Benefits of Truck Simulators

Truck driving simulators have many benefits for drivers and carriers alike. From introducing new skills to promoting safety and efficiency, here’s how simulation training leads to better driving.

Build Overall Driving Skills

L3 simulators feature state-of-the-art technology that promote greater learning and retention of knowledge. As a driver, this builds critical skills and enhances your decision-making ability once you get behind the wheel of an actual truck for the first time. Training in a realistic, risk-free environment helps you gain situational and spatial awareness, which are crucial for operating a semi truck safely and efficiently.

Promote Safety

L3Harris notes that its customers who use simulators as part of truck driver training report fewer accidents and reduced severity of accidents

The simulator gives you the chance to experience a wide variety of road hazards and challenging scenarios in a secure, controlled environment. These might include icy weather, obstacles in the roadway, rough terrain or driving through construction zones. Practicing on a simulator makes it easier to deal with these situations once you start driving a truck in the real world. 

Provide Feedback

Getting timely feedback from an experienced instructor is one of the most important ways we learn new skills. The technology behind the L3 simulators lets us record your practice sessions, so your instructor can review your actions and response times in various driving situations. This lets you know where you have more room for improvement so you can spend more time honing those skills. 

Enjoy Cost Savings

The experience you gain from simulator training, along with real-world driving, helps to lower the cost of driving, both for you and for Wilson. Our training program teaches you all the best practices you need to know for better fuel efficiency. Good fuel management habits mean big-time savings on fuel costs throughout your career. 

Simulators also allow more of our trucks to be out on the road delivering cargo and earning revenue. This reduces the frequency of maintenance work and lessens the damage to the vehicles in our fleet. 

Improve Driver Satisfaction

Practicing with a simulator gives you the confidence you need to successfully operate a truck in real life. You’ll be better prepared to drive safely and efficiently in all kinds of situations when you’ve encountered those same scenarios in a controlled environment first. This kind of positive early experience can lead to greater career satisfaction and longevity over time. 

Features of L3 Simulators

The L3 simulators used for CDL training have a modern, ergonomic design that replicates the environment inside the cab of a semi truck. The training environment can be adjusted to resemble different vehicles based on size, weight, turning radius and other features. 

Progressive Skill Building

Instructors can adjust the difficulty level of your training as you make progress. This helps you develop decision-making skills and build defensive driving habits. Playback capability lets the instructor assess your performance and pinpoint specific skills that need further development. 

Realistic Scenarios

Simulator training makes it easy for instructors to customize learning scenarios to address specific learning goals. This helps you build critical thinking skills and situational awareness. 

It’s also a chance to practice responding to dangerous situations in a safe environment. For example, the simulator can mimic weather conditions including rain, snow, ice and fog. You can also practice driving in different settings including urban, suburban and rural areas, and across different terrain such as mountains and deserts. The simulator also allows you to experience different lighting conditions to prepare you for driving at night. 

At Wilson Logistics, we offer guaranteed pay for CDL training that also includes plenty of one-on-one time with instructors and small class sizes. If you’re 21 or older and looking for an exciting new career, sign up to join the Wilson family today!