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You Belong in the Driver's Seat

Trucking is a career traditionally dominated by men, but that’s changing. Truck driver jobs offer higher pay than most service jobs. Plus, you get the chance to grow by becoming a CDL trainer or independent contractor.

Women Face Unique Obstacles

The Challenges of the Industry

It’s hard to be on the road away from your family, kids, and friends. The truth is that you will miss things, but your team at Wilson Logistics works hard to get you home for the most important moments.

You may be wondering about safety on the road. Showering, sleeping in your truck, and team driving while training are common concerns. At Wilson Logistics, our driver trainers understand the expectations set for working with both men and women and creating a safe environment.

Driving is empowering. Call a recruiter at (866) 500-8404 to learn about becoming a truck driver.

Benefits & Opportunities

We're Here to Support Your Career

In trucking, women truly earn equal pay. Many professional drivers are paid per mile, so there’s no pay gap. You also have opportunities to earn more by training others or becoming an independent contractor. Our driver trainers can double and even triple their incomes.

Longevity Incentive

Mileage-based company drivers earn a $10,000 longevity incentive every 60 months of uninterrupted service.

Referral Incentive

Recruit friends, family and neighbors. Get paid when referred drivers get their first dispatch.

We Support Gender Diversity In Transportation

Wilson Logistics is a corporate member of the Women in Trucking Association, and we offer our women drivers complimentary memberships.

CDL Training Program

Earn Your Class A CDL

Wilson Logistics has opportunities for experienced and new female drivers. Our CDL training program helps you kick-start your career. You’ll practice for your CDL and then team drive with a trainer as a CDL holder. Find out more about our apprentice program.

Apply to Be a Truck Driver

Take the Next Road Ahead. Make your career move. Apply online or reach out to a recruiter to get started.